Preparation for Purpose

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Why does life keep beating on me?

If you have asked yourself this question, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. About 3 in 10 women all contemplate the answer to this question coming up with countless answers that leave them depressed, defeated, destitute or dismayed. There is GOOD NEWS! You were chosen for greatness. You were born with a gift or talent that God ordained you to use in the earth, this day. But guess who else knows? Yeah…, the principalities of darkness.

The moment you were conceived in your mothers’ womb, you were marked for death, spiritually. What is the quickest and easiest way to destroy your spirit? By throwing random tests, trials and tribulations your way tailored made to rip the very fabric of your peace with God, your trust with God and your purpose in God apart. It is a struggle to maintain your faith when it has been shaken, rattled and rolled not once, twice but numerous times. In 2007, my faith was shaken so bad that I made a deal with God to stay long enough to see my son graduate and then I am done with this life. Do you know what I am talking about? Yes, suicide.

I found out that God’s love is pure, genuine and never ending -“He will never leave me nor forsake me” (Deuteronomy 31:6). Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness. All those years of tests, trials and tribulations were PREPARATION FOR MY PURPOSE. Joseph heard the promise at age 17 but didn’t receive the manifestation of the promise until age 30. (Genesis 12-41). How did he prepare? By surrendering his peace, his strength and his grace to God. After you surrender all, then on the puzzle pieces of your life, God can reveal his glory in you, to you.

And the bonus is that with the preparation and your obedience, comes great reward. In the birthing of your gift/talent, you will have two children – Manasseh and Ephraim. God will give you emotional healing and abundant fruitfulness. Meaning, he will take away the sting from the memories of past hurts (abuse, lies, cheating, backstabbing, divorce, deaths) and also bless you so that you don’t have room enough to receive. A swift promotion is what you will receive in the same land where you experienced the tests, trials and tribulations of your life. No hiding necessary. As you go forth, your name will be respected and your word received in delight in the perfect will of God.

You are who you are by the grace of God. Go and do his work with the gift/talent he planted in you on PURPOSE. Why? You are chosen for greatness!