Preparation for Purpose

Fear – It’s all in your head

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I remember when fear really first introduced herself to me and she wasn’t kind to say the least.  It was the winter of 2007, the house was empty, cold and very eerie even.  I was alone, in my mind of course, because it wasn’t real at all – it is self imposed.  But that is what fear really is anyway – false evidence appearing real.  When you are going through, fear is not something you connect with at the time, not at first at least.  Fear is very sneaky because it comes from a place that has been lying dormant inside the core of your being for quite some time from a past difficulty, unmet challenge or failure.

Our minds in conjunction with our hearts have an automatic safety switch that buries life unscripted especially when it is painful. BUT you can choose to fight back and be a champion! I was in that state of mind due to a lack of vision, a lack of imagination, a lack of courage, a lack of discipline, and a lack of why. That which whispers in your ears and doesn’t really shout, be mindful of it. Speak back to it. Stop rehearsing the past and living in the present, see the vision of yourself 10 years from now, 20 years from now. Live in the future! Fight your way through the battle – death, disability, disease, divorce, academic struggles, top producer, raising children. Get out of your head and get into life. Make the decision to step into your greatness. Have no plan B, it only distracts from plan A.

Humans have an imagination, a mind, that no other animal on the planet possesses. Be intentional, very deliberate, about every move you make. You cannot move to the next level staying in the same spot. Every person you view as great, had to endure some type of struggle, setback, disaster in order to be a success today. I am no different than the next man beside me. We both have 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute BUT what will I CHOOSE to do with mine? Limits like fear are just an illusion. It may be hard but the process is what makes the story so great for the next generation, the classroom, the book, the mentee, that you teach, that you encourage, that you help push and stretch. Be a risk taker, you can handle IT! Invest in a coach, a dvd series, a course, a daily affirmation to get your mind there…today. Be hungry and refuse to live life just as it is. Know that IT is possible. Only your opinion of you is your reality. Be willing to die for IT period.


Author: Queen Kareem

I am a regular person. living a sense-ational life, Recently plagued with a series of misfortunes that left my mind in depression and despair, I challenged myself to help others as God has helped me to himself and his angels amongst us. I now breathe in life, as I should, caring about all the little things.

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