Preparation for Purpose

Create Your Change

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There’s a book titled, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. It is filled with constant reminders of how life unscripted can sometimes feel like it is coming after you. We have the power to create our own change if we just change our focus. Focus mainly on how we respond to situations.
#1 Do something different to get something different
Have you ever wondered why the same situations keep arising in your life? Me too. I realized that in order to grow, or even notice my growth, the situation must repeat itself. I started taking note, literally in my journal, of my reactions and responses in detail. This way I have a record of how long it lasted and what I did differently.
#2 Change my words
Words have power once they are released. I noticed that what I say about myself, I believe so I better treat myself better. If I say, “I can’t do this”, my body immediately responds in lack to completing the task or even doing it well enough to succeed. I was my own worst critic. In order to change that, I had to adopt new words and phrases as guidelines for what is me. In other words, break the victim mindset and embrace victory. Speak to it so that His grace and His sufficiency will abide in me. Our words create our future.
#3 Change my thoughts
To be in it to win it, you must tell the truth about what you feel at that time. Masking your emotions and insecurities will only hinder your advancement in anything you choose to do. I had to learn to take responsibility for my actions and choices that start with a mere thought. Believe it or not, everything I did in life started with a thought. Either I chose to be or chose not to be based on what I thought about myself in the situation.

I had to learn to exercise my faith in the small stuff consistently in order to build a bridge to the big stuff.


Author: Queen Kareem

I am a regular person. living a sense-ational life, Recently plagued with a series of misfortunes that left my mind in depression and despair, I challenged myself to help others as God has helped me to himself and his angels amongst us. I now breathe in life, as I should, caring about all the little things.

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